We do not want to sell or offer any standard products. This is the reason why our products are especially produced and designed here in Kaltenkirchen. Through knowledge and skill we are able to optimise certain individual requests and take them into account.


We spend a lot of time doing blind hearing tests with products from other competitors to compare the sound. Design and packaging have nothing to do with our decision! Only the pure sound counts!

Design and development “Made in Germany”!

For the blindtest the speakers are built into identically constructed housings. These housings stand then in ear height in a shelf. To give all speakers the same objective chance, they´re covered with identical speaker cloth – this avoids any influence through the design or brand. During the hearing test different songs and volume levels are played. The listeners give points for each speaker tested. This test is done several times. Clients and visitors are also asked to let us know what they think. Due to the results we are able to see if we´ve produced another top speaker system or not.

Amplifiers + Design

For every amplifier there is a development time of about a year. First of all we have to name all the parts needed for example: No. of channels, voltage, adjustable settings, saftey switches, material quality and the price range. During all of this planning we also have to think about the design, as the costs for the aluminium cooling system also have to be included. The high quality function and technique as such, the lowest production costs are the most important points: fantastic cooling system and enough space for big trafos are more important than spending unnesseccary money on a brand just for the eyes! We think that good quality at an inexpensive price is what our customers prefer instead of paying a hell of a lot of money... for what? – Just because it looks good – what about the inside?

Long before an amplifier can be bought, high quantities of prototypes and designer-studies are made by hand one by one. These laboratory patterns are proved tested in the hardest conditions: many mounting mistakes e.g. by connnection, bad electricity supply or damaged speakers aren´t supposed to do the amplifier any harm at all. The same pattern is followed for the sound aspect – checked and optimisied step by step. Up until the completion there is a long way to go, but we want to do it, so we can offer 100% good quality!